Replying to your Direct Booking Requests

Receiving Direct Booking Requests

When a client wants to get a tattoo by you, they can make a Direct Booking Request from your profile by hitting the "Book" button. Once a client creates a request for you, you’ll receive an email, and if they are enabled, a push notification on your mobile device as well.

Replying to Direct Booking Requests

In order to reply to a client who has requested a booking with you, you first need to accept the booking request (this can be done through the app or by logging into your account on our website).

  1. Go to your Inbox in the main navigation (bottom navigation in the app and left navigation through the website).
  2. Find the Requests tab and click on the message to view the request.
  3. Tap Accept.

This creates a conversation between you and the client and you’re now able to ask the client further questions about their project, invite them to an appointment, as well as request and receive deposits from the client.

Enabling and Disabling Your Booking Request Button

If you don't wish to receive bookings through the Tattoodo platform, you can disable the Booking Request button from your public profile under Settings.