Set up a multi-link for your Instagram account

The Tattoodo IG extension allows people to sign up for your client list, request you to their city, and to even book you for a consultation. It also allows you to build a client list so that you can easily message clients to fill no-shows, or update them about guest spots, and more.

Booking Capabilities

While we know everyone may have their set way of handling bookings, you can also use Tattoodo for a few things that your current situation can’t handle. Not only can clients hit you up for appointments with messages that stay all in one place, but they can also grab a spot on your calendar and place a deposit. They can even send you image references, sizing, budget, and more, in a straightforward booking flow that literally no one could f*** up. No more back and forth asking for more info. No more messages, calendar, and deposits spread over multiple channels. It’s literally all in just one place.
Request Me to Your City
Our link extension helps turn your followers into business by capturing emails and geolocation. But the best part of this is that you also get the capability to send out batch emails targeting specific areas if you need to….which means that no show or guest spots can be filled with the tap of a few buttons.
Custom Links
Again, we appreciate that you may have your own booking flow, so check out the Custom Link capability. Here you can put in your website, webstore, press you’ve received, or the webform you want clients to fill out before booking. You can put whatever web address you want within these spots, and there is absolutely no limit on how many you can set up.
Set Up Step by Step:
1. Go to your artist profile.
2. Go to  Extensions in the menu
3. Click Get Started under 'Create a Custom Bio Link'
4. The page will then open up to a welcome page that gives some info on how to set it up.
5. You can toggle bookings, city requests, and custom links on and off as you like.
6. To create custom links, you simply drop in the web address, add a title and toggle it on.
7. Hit Save, copy the custom link address and drop that into your IG bio. You’re now good to go!